Club Rates:

  • Daily: $7
  • Monthly: $35
  • 6-Month: $175
  • Yearly: $350

$10 club dues are charged annually.

There is a one (1) time trial visit where club dues are waived and you are only charged the daily rate. After your first initial visit you will be expected to pay the $10 club dues and join the team.

These rates apply to club members and their guests only.


  • Climbing Harness: $1
  • Rock Shoes: $3
  • Chalk Bag: $1
  • Belay Device: FREE

Safety Classes:

Safety comes first at LCP 200+. We are a climbing club and part of our duties as a club is to protect our other club members. There are mandatory classes that every club member must go through in order to climb the walls at LCP 200+. These classes rates are:

  • Mandatory Belay Class: $5 (on first visit if you wish to climb ropes, free refresher course anytime after)
  • Lead Certification Course: $10

Group Rates:

  • Groups can occupy the gym any time other than regular club hours between 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM, 7 days a week.
  • There is a minimum fee of $150 for a four hour time slot.
  • If you require belayers, they will be provided by the gym at a cost of $30 a belayer.
  • Please call Richard and ask to book your group outing today.

Before climbing you will be asked to fill out a release form. To save some time, print it off here and have it with you when you show up!


Click here for form!