Meet the crew


Richard Rhuland

Owner, LCP 200+ Climbing Club

Richard first got into climbing in 1988 when he took his “first responsible step to learn technical climbing” by reading, asking questions and anything else he could do to gain knowledge on the sport. He took his first climb while being belayed by his wife, who he taught! His first climb was described as a “nice litte 55′ triple-overhang wall” that he pulled off in tennis shoes and never looked back! It was in 1988 that the climbing club was established. In 1992 the 200+ climbing club began making a name for itself competing in the 3 state area at every opportunity. In 1993, Richard began building the first climbing gym. The gym was completed in 1995 and burned to the ground 6 months later. Utilizing the climber mentality of never giving up, Richard once again began building a gym and completed it. Richard has a passion for climbing and works very closely with the area youth in all matters pertaining to climbing. Between 1988 Richard found time to build the gym, compete for 12 years and set “hundreds of climbing projects, most quite successful.” Richard is an open book and is always up to lend a hand or share a story.



James Henson

A.K.A. The Young Gun/Club DJ

I’m James Henson, I am 20 years old and attend NWACC full-time studying…well I’m studying, lets leave it at that. I am in love with the sport of bouldering and sport climbing and have put a lot of time, effort and money to reach the next level of climbing. Brad Raiston, a really close friend of mine, introduced me to climbing at a young age and this started my drive to get better. Although I had been introduced to my new girlfriend (she plays hard to get a lot), I did not have the necessary tools to get as strong in climbing as I wanted to. Then I discovered LCP200+. This was the first time being introduced to a climbing gym and to be able to see so many inspirational climbers. LCP 200+ has changed my idea of climbing and definitely made it possible to continually get better. This climbing facility is the best place to get strong in order to go out and hit the real rock. Once I became a regular at the LCP200+, I got a lot of inspiration from some of the advanced climbers like Scott Fitzgerald and Evan Rhamsy. However, the one person that has been my mentor, trainer and now boss is Richard Rhuland.

I have been working at the climbing gym for about a year now. I am here when I am and not when I’m not. Most days I’m searching for my next challenge. I will be here waiting to share some experiences with you all and crush some routes together. On days when I am not at the gym and not at school I am most likely pursuing one of my many other interests, which include: grooming dogs, drawing unicorns, collecting bunnies, braiding my hair and if I really get bored, I’ll brush my teeth. I love Cheerios!