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We made the news. We’re kind of a big deal!


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The LCP 200+ Crew does the Harlem Shake!


Climbing Club? Check. Group of crazies willing to dance the night away? Check. Lets do the Harlem Shake!

Trip to Stack Rock




Recently a crew from LCP 200+ took the pilgrimage out to one of Arkansas’ best hidden treasures, Stack Rock. If you are one that thinks “oh I don’t need to follow the directions, I can get there”, then you will have an extremely fun time finding this place! Stack Rock offers amazing bouldering and all the sport-climbing you would ever want. Our crew had the pleasure of having the entire area to ourselves.

We had no intentions of climbing the actual formation of Stack Rock, but we had to see it. Do yourself a favor, even if you never climb it (or even if you do not climb), take the trip out just to see this formation. To call it unbelievable would not do it justice, but for lack of a better description I will say that it is unbelievable. Pictures would not do this justice, it is one that you must see in person. After being blown away by one of nature’s greatest creations it was time to get to the climbing.

We scouted out many of the different bolted routes before finally deciding to setup our own top-rope system. 30 minutes of careful preparation and we had 2 different set-ups that allowed us to climb a total of 6 different routes. It was time to throw the chalk on and get to work. 4 hours later we were all completely spent and the refreshments were running low. Not to mention the deer moving in affirmed the fact that we were only borrowing the spot momentarily and it was time to give it back to nature. The walk-out was full of reflection on the days climbing and allowed for the early stages of planning the next trip out. We all agreed to grab someone new for the next time so they could experience this place with us. We haven’t set the trip in stone (no pun intended), but keep your eyes open when you’re at LCP 200+ and join us on our next trip.